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About Us

The Ultimate Dental Laboratory Ltd was formed in 1985 and we are a Full Service Dental Laboratory supplying quality hand crafted Dental appliances throughout the UK & Ireland to both Private & NHS Dental Practices. Our Managing Director, Nigel Mansley & Our Technical Director, Ian Barker have been with The Ultimate Dental Laboratory Ltd since the very beginning and take pride in manufacturing superior appliances throughout our
wide product range.

We are DLA & Damas Registered & ensure that our appliances are only manufactured with quality materials & we have a strict manufacturing procedures in place which includes quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that all of appliances meet our very high standards.
Our Technicians are also registered with the General Dental Council & we have two Clinical Dental Technicians who have a clear understanding of the Clinicians aspect to the denture making process.

We have a small number of apprentices that we offer in-house training along with their external apprenticeship training provider as we wish to develop and teach young people Dental Technology to ensure that highly experienced & skilled Dental Technicians are part of our team in the future.

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am till 5:30pm throughout the year excluding Bank Holidays & the Christmas period. Our team of senior technicians are available via email to help & assist with any queries outside of these hours where possible.

We have a fully fitted Kavo Laboratory to enable us to produce all appliances in a specialised, clean and functional environment. We have touch screens fitted to each work bench so that we have trace-ability of each case as it progresses through the Lab and an email facility so that any pictures emailed to us (Email address: technical@ultimate-lab.co.uk) can be viewed by the technician whilst they are working on the case.

We currently offer daily collection & delivery services in many areas throughout the North West region and we also offer a freepost or courier service throughout the UK.