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Prosthetics / Chrome


New March 2016 – SR Vivodent S PE

The distinctive tooth for sophisticated needs

The new tooth line is offered in 20 vibrant shade nuances.
The moulds are specifically designed to suit the characteristics of each individual tooth:

  • True-to-nature dimensions
  • Physiological curvatures
  • Vivid surface characteristics
  • Shape-specific layering
  • Pronounced tooth necks

Our Private dentures are inclusive of Special Trays, Lucitone 199 acrylic and Contour & Stippling. There are additional options available should you wish to offer an enhanced quality denture above our Private range.


All of our Silver Service Acrylic Dentures are manufactured using Ivoclar-Vivodent Ivostar tooth range or equivalent. Ivostar anterior teeth are composed of three layers. These anterior teeth are matched to the posterior Gnathostar teeth.


  • Available in A-D and Chromascop shades
  • Harmonized layering

Our Silver Service dentures are manufactured using Lucitone 199 acrylic. This denture base material offers outstanding esthetcis, high impact resistance and superb flexural strength. We contour and stipple the acrylic to offer more natural gum shapes to create a more natural appearance.

We invoice each item on our Silver Service denture range seperately when enables you to opt out of hi-impact acrylic or/and contour & stippling if you have Denplan patients on a budget or patients who would prefer not to have these items.

All aspects of our Silver Service prosthetics cases are undertaken by a fully trained technician. All try-in’s are set up on a semi-adjustable articulator. We will duplicate and supply a duplicate model where possible.


We have introduced a new range of teeth into our Standard Service denture cases in January 2014.
After a period of evaluation tests carried out in the Laboratory, we have found this new range to be superior to our previous range as they are more anatomical & offer improved aesthetics. We always strive to offer the best quality products within each of our levels of service and we believe this to be a change which will benefit patients having taken under the NHS.
Acry-Rock are acrylic teeth in polymethacrylate produced with two chromatic layers.

The main characteristics are:
• High aesthetical effect due to superimposition of the two layers and due to the crown cut of incisal edges.
• Good chemical-physical resistance obtained by using the very best of raw materials.
• Large assortment of moulds and shades which make the tooth adaptable to any prosthesis requirement.

Range of 19 shades, 32 moulds of upper anteriors, 19 lower anteriors and 22 posteriors


Ivobase Material

During 2015 we have introduced the Ivoclar Vivadent SR Ivobase® System into our Prosthetics department enabling us to produce Precision Dentures at the push of a button. This advancement in technology uses an optimal co-ordinated material & injector system to fabricate dentures precisely and fully automatically.

Patient’s benefits include:

  • Very comfortable to wear dentures due to the excellent fit, dimensional stability and surface finish.
  • Confident feeling due to the low residual monomer content (less than 1%)
  • And a reduced fracture risk

Clinician’s benefits include:

  • Economical as the finished work corresponds to the wax-up
  • Low volume shrinkage in the dentures
  • Space saving & location independent

The SR Ivobase® System can be used alongside the Phonares® II teeth and SR Nexco® gingivae characterisation so that we can create natural looking dentures as individual as your patients.

We can also offer a range of colours of acrylics such as Ethnic, Trans-veined and Clear.


SR Phonares II

This range of tooth moulds has been especially designed to match the age and characteristics of the individual patient. Lifelike anterior moulds offer exceptional esthetic qualities and high wear resistance.


  • Extended range of lower anterior moulds
  • Available in 20 natural tooth shades
  • Universal field of application
  • They are available in 16 A-D shades and also 4 bleach shades.


Valplast is one of the most cosmetic, comfortable and affordable methods of tooth replacement available today. Valplast® is the optimal choice anytime partials are indicated or the patient prefers not to use a fixed restoration. Patients who have worn both conventional RPDs and Valplast® partials report that Valplast® feels more natural and is more comfortable to wear. Valplast® also provides a higher standard of function by using the flexibility of the material to balance masticatory forces over the entire supporting ridge instead of individual support points. As a result, the balanced distribution of forces can often lead to longer lasting apppliances that may not require frequent relines or tooth additions.

The unique physical properties of Valplast® also make it more adaptable in challenging cases and situations involving pediatric patients, cancerous mouths and cleft palates. Because of its excellent biocompatibility, Valplast® is also an ideal replacement for acrylic when patients are allergic to denture acrylics. Additional applications for Valplast® include cosmetic gum veneers, bruxism appliances, implant retained overdentures and full dentures for patients with protuberant bony structures or large undercuts.


We manufacture all of our Chrome Cobalt framework in house which enables cases to be discussed and co-ordinated efficently throughout our Laboratory within our different departments. We pride ourselves in using only quality materials and have experience and technical capabilities from a simple full Chrome Cobalt to a complex Implant retained or Attachment framework.

All prices include all metal clasps & rests.

Our Silver Service frameworks included the following:

  • Models cast in Super HXD/Fujirock
  • Chromes are finished on a Duplicate model
  • Design work included (design with Study Model if required)

Our Private frameworks include the following:

  • Set up on a fully articulated articulator
  • Full consultation over design
  • Chromes finished on a Duplicate Model
  • Express Service Available


BPS dentures are the effective co-operation between the between dentists and the Dental Technician, following 3 Core Procedures. The first is the tooth selection. BPS Dentures include Ivolcar Vivodent teeth. The second is the denture base material. BPS dentures include SR Ivocap acrylic, Probase, SR Triplex or SR Ivolen. The third is that all cases are mounted on a Stratos Articulator to achieve an accurate replication of patient data received.

Only certified Laboratories can manufacture BPS Dentures. BPS Dentures can be highly customised to the particular needs of patients as vast array of tooth lines are available.


We are a Straumann Platinum accredited Laboratory who are experienced in many Implant Systems. If you Would like to discuss specific Implant Denture cases please do not hesitate to contact either of our Clinical Dental Technicians (Ian Barker and Kevin Armstrong) who will do their best to help you.


Acetal resin clasps are available in the same shades as our teeth range and can be advantageous in cases where a clasp is required in the front of the mouth as they are much more discreet than a conventional metal clasp. These clasps are very tough,durable and flexible. We can prescribe these clasps in both new and existing dentures.