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Crown and Bridge


Zerconia restorations

Zerconia is the ideal form of metal free restoration for crowns & bridges offering high strength & a natural appearance.
Restorations are created using the latest CAD/CAM technologies without veneering to guarantee a perfect fit for your patients. They are made from Wieland patented Zenostar ceramics which are gentle on the tooth substance during preparation, easily withstand masticatory forces & make chipping a thing of the past.


Our ceramic Porcelain restorations are manufactured using the IPS Inline System.
Ivolcar Vivodent recommend the following cements:

  • SpeedCEM – for conventional cementation
  • Multilink Automix – for adhesive cementation


Our Composite restorations are manufactured using Ivoclar Nexco Composites.

SR Nexco Paste is a purely light-curing lab composite with micro-opal fillers which allows you to achieve a consistent shade even if space is limited, because the shade effect is tolerant to varying layer thicknesses. SR Nexco Paste restorations achieve a durable shade stability and a lasting gloss as a result of the polymerization process. You can thus fabricate restorations with a very natural appearance in any light conditions.

The following cement is advised for Cementation:

  • Multilink Automix


We currently use Argen alloys which are the largest producer of precious alloys in the world and offer a full range of alloys for all types of laboratory work. We have a varied selection of bonded alloys from 24ct gold, high palladium and those alloys formulated for Implant structures, full and partial frameworks.

All our alloys are cast to a consistently high quality, giving reliable and consistent results every time We use the following alloys for our crown & bridge restorations:

Bonded Crowns & Bridges / Maryland Bridges / Porcelain Veneers

  • Bonded Crown/Bridge Non Precious – Matchmate NP20
  • Bonded Crown/Bridge Precious – Argedent 55
  • Bonded Crown/Bridge Yellow gold – Argedent 88
  • Maryland Bridge – Matchmate NP20
  • Post & Core non-precious – Matchmate NP20
  • Post & Core precious – Argedent 55
  • Gold Inlay – Argenco 60s
  • Gold Inlay non precious – Argeloy Sunray
  • Gold Shell Crown 60% – Argenco 60s
  • Gold Shell Crown Semi Precious Yellow – Argenco 10s
  • Gold Shell Crown Semi Precious Silver – Argenco 333
  • Gold Shell Crown Non Precious Yellow – Argeloy Sunray
  • Gold Shell Crown Non Precious Silver – Argeloy NP C&B White


Straumann Platinum Technician Logo

We have many years of experience in Implant restorations. We are a Straumann Platinum Approved Dental Laboratory and we are experienced in all of the U.K’s leading Implant Systems. Please contact us to discuss any individual cases as our Technicians can offer help with treatment planning.

Straumann Platinum Technician Logo


Our most popular metal free restorations are Emax & Straumann Etkon.


We first introduced Emax into our Laboratory in 2006 as one of our first All Ceramic restorations. The Emax Press System Delivers in the ultimate fit, strength & aesthetics and are manufactured in-house.

The Emax system is suitable for:

  • Anterior & Posterior Crowns
  • Anterior Bridges, up to 3 Units
  • Veneers
  • Inlays / Onlays
  • Implant substructures for single tooth restorations.

Recommended Cements:

  • Variolink II / Variolink Veneer
  • Multilink Automix
  • SpeedCEM
  • VivaglassCEM


Our Laboratory is equipped with a Straumann CadCam scanning machine.

The technology computerises much of the Laboratory design and production process. It removes the build-up and casting processes which can impair the fit and aesthetics of restorations, yet still uses the skills of technicians and ceramists in designing & finishing the restoration.

What can Straumann CADCAM be used for?

  • Veneers
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Crowns & Partial Crowns
  • Bridges (conventional & screw retained)
  • Implant abutments for Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Camlog
  • Screw-retained Bars

What material choice is there?

  • Coron (Chrome/cobaly alloy)
  • Ticon (Titanium alloy)
  • Zerion (Zirconium dioxide ceramic)
  • Polycon (Temporary material)
Silver Service

Our Silver Service cases are:

  • Fully Articulated
  • Porcelain margin included
  • Undertaken by fully trained Dental Technician’s
  • Returned with a duplicate model, except in Post & Core Cases
  • Superior Gold Alloys available

Private Service

Are Private service cases are:

  • Undertaken by one Technician at every stage (including models)
  • Set up on a fully adjustable articulator
  • Highest quality metals are available
  • Sectional build up
  • All models cast on Amman Girrbach System.