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Immediate restorations – Mark the teeth for extraction for fit with an ‘x’ on the plaster model. This can be especially helpful with posterior teeth.
If a dentures keep fracturing – Take upper & lower impressions and send them to the Lab along with the the denture so that can investigate and occlusion issues and hopefully resolve the issues for you to prevent further breakages.
Special trays – Advantageous as they are custom made trays to fit your patient perfectly and controls the thickness of the impression material which when case, provides a more accurate & detailed impression.
Shade taking – If possible, determine the shade under daylight conditions or standardised daylight lamps.
During the warm weather, have you thought about where you are storing your Dental Impressions? – We recommend that you check the storage temperature guide from you Impression material supplier and ensure that impressions are stored accordingly.
Veneers – To enable us to achieve the most accurate shade, please provide a stump shade too.
Post & Core – Place impressions into a plastic cup before placing into the Lab bag to create protection around the Para post in the imp.

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